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26 March 2009 @ 08:33 pm
It is like handing over a child to be looked after by somebody else.  
So this probably won't mean anything to anyone but I just thought that I would devote a post to Kym Valentine AKA Libby Kennedy on the Australian soap Neighbours. Finally, the proper Libby is back after taking time off because of illness! Can I just say how happy I am that she is back playing Libby? No offence to the other actress but seriously, Kym will always be Libby in my eyes. It's like when Becca Cartwright left the role of Haley in Home and Away and that other actress took her place. She just wasn't the same! The fill-in actress of Libby just grated me that character. Ugh, she was annoying as Libby! I don't have anything against her, she's really pretty and all and a good actress, I just don't like her as Libby Kennedy! So in honour of her coming back, I thought that I would post some pics of Kym for us all to enjoy. If you have been reading this and have absolutely no clue what I am on about, just stare at the prettiness that is Kym Valentine!


Kym is on the left. She's with Michala Bana, her replacement actress while she was ill. Love that they're hugging!

How freaking cute is this pic of them? Love their smiles, so beautiful!

Gorgeous! <3

Eep, she's so pretty!

That smile!

Her eyes! Amazing!


She's so fresh faced!

Love her expression here! *LOL*

She's stunning! *THUD* Look at those pins!

And that is all the Kym Valentine pretty for now. Isn't she beautiful?

P.S Does this count as a picspam?

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